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Bianca Brown

In reading your blog on why many projects at your institution are still teacher led, listing that teachers are concerned with outcomes stood out. This is so true in the school system. In a previous blog of yours “A new school, a new context” you yourself noted that the numbers (or end result) where what everyone was wanting to see. I have read quite a few blogs lately with your “teacher led student driven” concerns. In particular the fact that students are not given enough “independence” in the classroom seems to be a common thread. Many instructors’ blogs are concerned with giving students to much independence and gauging what choices they should be allowed to make to gain this independence. Offering students various times to listen to a seminar should truly make the students feel they are “planning their day” and given a sense of independence. I see this tactic as also beneficial in helping students with personal development on many levels, such as time management. The aims of your new project sound great in accomplishing your goals.

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