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Melanie Griswold

Seminars in a School day

Dear Armando,
I really like the idea of incorporating seminars into the education curriculum. I agree with your reasoning as to the success of the seminars with the students because as you mentioned, " The students have had an element of choice and that they are meeting teachers that they don't normally meet." The idea of allowing the students to be involved in seminars of their choice will increase the students level of interest in the topic area and give them an opportunity to explore something that they wouldn't normally have the opportunity to. Because the students are also given time to meet faculty members that they may not have been introduced to before enables the students to learn about different instructors, their personalities and possibly even open them up to finding an adult mentor available in their school.
I believe that the students involved in activities of this nature are also given the opportunity to practically relate the information that they are learning to their everyday lives and because they can find a purpose in this learning many students will find it more worthwhile and fulfilling as a result.

As a current teacher education student, I hope that during my career as an educator I am fortunate enough to participate in a program similar to yours.

Melanie Griswold

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