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Martyn knapton


I really like the website and your rationale for the things that you really want to drive at the Academy. What i really respect about this, is the fact that you are driving this and you want people to be part of this journey. I have always felt that a great leader would be driven and uses this to guide, persuade and support teaching and learning. I don't feel that it is wrong with having an agenda (as some may call it), as long as it is reasoned and has established the degree of certainty that will make it worthwhile and meaningful, and who can argue that the intentions of your proposals are wrong?

I hope that your proposals work, I think that education is a great experiment and although your work might seem couragous to some, I believe that it is well informed with a shared vision (i hope i speak for the students too!), so how can it fail?

I hope that the proposed developments enlighten teaching and learning further (the bigger the searchlight the greater the circumference of the unknown!), and that you build on what you learn from this.

Good luck!!

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